Add umap coordinates to seurat object

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I have a Seurat object with normalized data (no dimensional reduction). I would like to add premade umap coordinates to it, but this format seems a little weird to input as coordinates. Does anyone know how to do this and what these numbers actually mean? Attached photo below - UMAP coordinates. Thank you!! UMAP coordinates. 2022. 7. 26. · # If you haven't installed UMAP, you can do so via reticulate::py_install(packages = 'umap-learn') pbmc 0 “t-SNE”, “UMAP”) and choose the type of coordinates (t-SNE/ UMAP) Currently I'm trying to follow the Seurat team's tutorial which later uses UMAP (Python package umap-learn), integrated into R using reticulate, for dimensionality reduction Currently I'm trying.
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